Web Audit

Web Audit

A Web Audit

A Web Audit - a Step Towards the Future

If you are one of the pioneers who got a website before everybody else did, then you don`t need to be told about its importance for your operation. But what about keeping it up to date? Same with everything, starting with electronics, all down to cars and furniture - things get old.

It is especially acute for businesses that generate leads through their webpages. The internet is a living, growing field and if your website is out of date, you might have hard time keeping up to speed with the competition.

Efficient Web Marketing

Investing in web development will increase your web marketing efficiency, with clear navigation menus, well-defined site purpose and properly set competition analysis. Nothing stands still, and you have to evolve to keep on moving. A good, understandable website structure is something that will attract users. Properly placed calls to action can and will increase conversion rates drastically.

The Website is Your Business Card

Web design goes hand in hand with web development. A poorly designed web page can hamper your success even if you have an otherwise well planned marketing strategy. Users are becoming very demanding and they will simply leave the website if they don`t find it visually pleasing. Crisp color schemes, easy to read fonts and other design elements are super important for a business web page. They will make a difference between a potential client that enters and then leaves, and one that is intrigued into staying and buys in.

Get your Technical Functioning to a 100% Efficiency

A Web Audit might determine that a website, even if it looks good enough, is running so slowly that users get impatient. Get a website that runs smoothly and fast, has different browser and screen size compatibility and is Mobile Friendly as well. This is especially important now with the upcoming Mobile Google update (comes into effect April 21st), where sites which don`t have a Mobile Version are in for a severe kick in their ranking. Definitely a point to secure.

Does my Website Require a Web Audit?Web Audit Efficiency

The answer is a definite Yes and not only if you have an old website. A new website may also have a lot to improve, and have a few weak spots that the previous developer missed. Two heads are better than one, as they say, and definitely better safe than sorry.

Web development and web design costs will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done, which can be determined by a web audit. Some sites will require a serious overhaul, while other may need just a few little upgrades here and there.

If you are not sure what you need, or not certain of what difference a web audit can do for you, let our experienced consultants guide you through the process. We will provide you with a comprehensive look at your current web strategy, an analysis of your organizational goals and construct a solid plan to bring the two together.

Upgrade, evolve and increase your web presence and efficiency with Superior Web Solutions, contact us now!