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Firs of all: What is CMS? CMS is an acronym for Content Management System (more information on what a CMS is can be found here)

Our CMS is designed and developed in-house and we constantly upgrade it and add new features.  When we first started to work on our CMS, our primary goal was to design and develop a quality, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and understandable system for people without computer knowledge.  The main idea is that if you know how to use e-mail, you are a pro on our system!  Our second priority was to make an easy-to-customize system so we could offer our CMS to any client. From 5 page presentational web site to those wit complex logistic system.

Highlights of SWS CMS:

- Web based system accessible 24/7
- Text editing very similar to MS Word
- Easy upload of photos and documents
- Stable and fast working environment
- Easy customizability for specific clients` needs
- Fast setup
- High-security features
- Natural feel
- Much, much more

If you would like to get access to a demo system, please use the Contact Us form and indicate in the message that you require trial CMS access.

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