Technical Description

Technical Description

 technical descriptions generalTechnology can be a huge advantage to both individuals and companies, but it has its limitations — chief among them that it does what it’s told to do, not necessarily what we want it to do. Starting a Web development project with a technical description will help make sure that the technology is told to do what you need it to do, so you’ll get exactly what you want. It also allows the developer to quote the project accurately — in terms of both time and money — and provides a roadmap for the project to keep it on track and on budget.

Save Time & Money with a Technical Description

While it may seem counterintuitive to spend the time and money creating a technical description, it can actually save you time and money in the long run. Web development is a complex process with plenty of room for error and waste if expectations aren’t clear and deliverables aren’t determined ahead of time. That’s where the technical description comes in.

A technical description decreases the time and cost of a Web development project by:

  • Creating clear expectations so that the developers know exactly what needs to be done and how the final product needs to function
  • Preventing wasted time and costly rework by reducing the potential for errors and ensuring project always moves in proper direction
  • Outlining clear deliverables so that both parties (developer and client) know what to expect and when to expect it

Include Features, User Flow, and Wireframes 

A technical description is only useful if it includes the right information. It should list all of the features that the future system, website, or software will have. It should also outline the user flow —point form notes detailing how users can interact with the features. Wire frames are not essential but are good to have so that everyone can agree on the look of the product as well as its function.

A technical description does not have to be complex or take a long time to create, but it is an important step in the development process. By outlining the features and all the ways users can interact with them, both the client and the developer can be sure that the final product will be complete and correct — that is, that it will do everything the client needs it to.

Understand the Process & Costs for Creating a Technical Description

technical descriptions general

To create a technical description, the developer must meet with the individual or team who will make decisions on behalf of the client. Through guided discussion, they will determine what the final product needs to do and how users should interact with it (UI). The developer must analyze the client’s needs to identify potential problems and prepare solutions, and must then create a technical description that meets both the technical and business needs of the clients. This is usually billed at an hourly rate.

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