My City Moving

My City Moving specializes in moving art, antiques, and pianos. Every object, possession, heirloom, as well as, ordinary household goods, will get the required proper professional attention.

Website Design

  • Created visually attractive appearance
  • Intuitive navigation targeted for visitors with limited computer knowledge
  • Present company information

Web Development
Front-end – What Visitors See

  • Browse company information
  • Fill in Quote Request form

Back-end – Administration and Automated Processes

  • Incoming Quotes Management
  • Secure Login:  password protected back end system, assigned to specific IPs
  • User Management:  ability to add/remove users
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    • easy and intuitive options to change text and images on the site
  • Automation of Quote Process:  send notification on status change to clients

Technologies Used

  • PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL