O'Neil Electric Supply

Web Design and development of the presentational website and employees portal for the company

Oneil Electric is a company that supplies a vast variety of electrical equipment, from light fixtures to controls, wire boxes, heating and ventilation systems and more, across Ontario and the GTA. The website is meant to reflect the company's flexibility and variety, by featuring multiple clickable windows and sliders on the home page.

The use of colors is kept to the bare minimum, employing mainly grey for the background and several shades of green for the navigation bars. The goal is to allow the interactive visual elements to do the "talking". The visual elements themselves are positioned in a carefully chosen hierarchy to guide the user, highlighting the more important elements of the page.

Right under the main section is a media slide bar, featuring several informative youtube videos that tell about the company and its products. The navigation bars are clean grey-and-green elements that display green drop-down menus with highly readable white text.

The project gallery is designed in such a way as to allow the visitor to be impressed with the scale and significance of the city projects that were outfitted by Oneil Electric products. The pictures have no unnecessary decorations and are the main focus of attention. The website's main message being that it is all about business, just like the company it represents.

Project Technologies:

PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax