Design website to present online software.

SWSCatalog is a product that makes its goal to provide a valuable unifying solution to the the automotive parts inventory management and cataloging system. The problem with currently used methods of cataloging is that they are essentially long, bulky lists. They are difficult to search, manage and present to clients. SWSCatalog is a one stop, one step solution that unifies the automotive parts inventory, and parts catalog, turning them into one solid unit. It can be easily updated in real time, with the updates showing instantly in an online catalog, perfectly accessible to buyers, with no additional effort on the seller's part.

The main goal of the website is to produce the feeling of lightweight ease that the SWSCatalog provides. The emphasis is on simplicity and visual dynamics. Using a simple color scheme of red and black on the foreground creates a crisp, sharp image. Keeping to a soft black and grey background contrast allows the smooth transition between frames and sections.

The site structure is such that all elements are on the same page, navigable by clicking a menu button, which will transport the viewer to the relevant section on the page. This is accomplished in a flowing, smooth motion that feels effortless and precise. It is further enhanced by the effect of the text also flowing into view in the same fluid motion.

The site introduction is a short background video of a car flowing into view and being assembled as the visitor gets adjusted to the site. The assembly video is also meant to create a feeling of effortless flow, with the parts simply falling into place with no sound or sharp motion. It feels almost as if underwater, with the site menu components repeating the motion, also drifting into place. The overall site experience is supposed to convey what the SWS catalog is a seamless, effortless, fluid system that does the work for you in the most efficient manner and with next to no effort on your part.