Project Objectives: Website that display World of Tanks tournaments standings.

Gosu Tactics Project Highlights

Online tank battle tournaments are a fascinating game that attracts hundreds of players from all over the world. The tournaments are frequent and big, making each game a battle of armies. In a growing community of players, the prominent among which have thousands and tens of thousands of battles in experience, player names have become important. It is not only about the game anymore, it is about the players and their teams.

With this in mind our goal was to produce a website that is more than just a play/battle ground. We had the player community in mind, and the aim was to create a hub of information, displaying competition statistics with infographics and player info.

The game is realistic and has a great atmosphere simulating real surroundings and battle effects, but it is all about the maneuvers. This was the main guideline for the website look and feel - a minimalistic, sharp design that amplifies the essentials, leaving everything irrelevant out.

The website is built very much like an infographic with the main sections being, "Tournaments", "Players" and "Blog", containing updates that announce upcoming games and display previous tournament results.

The crisp, easy to understand custom web design allows players to easily navigate the information, making it even more accessible for new players and a social panel that is present on all pages grants perfect access to the social media.

This custom web development project employs a set of simple yet crisp visual elements in combination with a clean code, and keeps the website running smoothly and quickly despite the large amount of dynamic, interactive, text-heavy content with lots of statistic data.

Project Technologies:

PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Foundation