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My opinion on The Tablet Craze

 In 2009 the now biggest most profitable Company in the world (technology Speaking) released a product that made people drop their jaws. The iPad..while some people saw it as the greatest product since Sliced bread, some also thought, 'Hey we don’t need this" it’s basically a bigger version of the iPhone.. To be honest, I agreed with the group of millions of people that thought it was just a giant iPhone. To put my doubt at rest I stopped by my neighbourhood electronic store, waited 35 mins for the line to thin out, then snuck in and TOUCHED it. looked at it, felt the lightness of it, played with the already installed apps (piano) (guitar) and my favourite (violin). after 1 hour I was hooked. This was what Apple told us it would be..with a camera or video..now the iPad2 has been released, even lighter, faster and with the two missing pieces..video and camera...and amazingly, it’s even BETTER..

Other companies such as Blackberry,Motorola,Acer,Vizio,Samsung,Dell,HP...To name a few, have made Tablets, ranging from different sizes the common is mostly 7 inches..but 10 is just right behind that...will these tablets replace the Laptop...Yes I believe so..will they replace the infamous home computer, the Family gather around P.C. - I think so as well. As more tablets get made, the price will decrease to about $149.99..sure the iPad is reasonably priced at $519..for a 16gb wi/fi model and up to $849 for 64 gb 3g model, basically allowing you to connect anywhere. It is made for Entertainment purposes, browsing websites..checking prices..looking at sport scores..many other things can be accomplished..These tablets are now the fashion, and will remain in demand for many years to come, the computer just got smaller, and your kids just became harder to get hold of.
My last opinion is who will win the tablet war, its way to soon to tell, but like in the cell phone market, everyone has a favourite, its iPhone vs. Blackberry. Ipad vs. Playbook..Motorola vs. Samsung vs. Nokia. Right now the iPad has  85% of the market , that number will decrease.. but by how much is anyone's guess
This message was typed on a iPad2 by the way...

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