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Toronto Web Development is Going Green

Toronto Web Development is Going GreenThe planet is our home, and millions of people are becoming aware of this every day. Trees are being planted, people are making sure to choose products made from recyclable (or recycled) materials, and are sending them down the right colored bin to dispose of properly. It is a slow process but we are working on it, and we are on the right track. 

Going green is not a new trend, but it is definitely on the rise. It has an impact on every single aspect of our lives. It changed our perception of food, revolutionizing the way we view nutrition, sustainability and wholesome food sources. The wellness culture is not limited to what's on our plate, of course. Many families go to some lengths to make sure that their cleaning products, clothes and garden fertilizer are green. We want to know that we get no harmful chemicals in our water from the plastic bottles it is in. We invest in insulation to conserve energy and many are switching to electric cars and installing solar panels to consume as little energy as possible off the grid by producing some of it by ourselves. 

Superior Web Solutions is also going green and joining the growing trend of healthier living and healthy business operation. With the help of Celan Beyond Green, a company that helps businesses reduce costs and lessen their environmental impact by going green, we have learned that a web development enterprise such as ours can also be upgraded, updated and rid of unnecessary practices and wasteful habits. 

They came into our Toronto web development office/computer lab and got to work. We are happy to say that our office did not include many faults as we were already running a fairly efficient and environmentally aware enterprise. With a few changes such as efficient soap dispensers for the washroom (with an environmentally friendly grade of soap) and a new recycle bin with several more compartments along with some calibration of the AC/Heating controller, their work was done and Superior Web Solutions became a new and improved, green web development company. 

A few words on how it works, and about the Clean Beyond Green company. They have a three step program which starts by evaluating every product on the premises, comparing its characteristics against the Product Sustainability Index (PSI) and assigning it a percentage of compliance. Then they proceed to the assessment of the program for efficiency, procedure, and compliance. Finally, they determine the company's current sustainability awareness, initiatives, and participation.

When the assessment is complete, they will recommend alternatives for every product that needs replacement, and offer improvements in the program, with higher Product Sustainability Index (PSI) values. The introduction of these alternatives is meant to increase the overall performance and efficiency of an organization or company while decreasing its environmental impact. The recommendations are not only meant to create immediate change for the better, but also stimulate a steady, measurable improvement in sustainability of the organization.

We went green, now it's your turn! This is a change that feels great and saves the environment and your company a great deal of unnecessary expenses in the long run. 

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