Why is Blogging so Important?

April 03, 2015

Why is Blogging so Important?Welcome to the digital marketing of tomorrow, where everybody has a blog. Restaurants, electronic repair shops, renovators, plastic surgeons and pretty much any, and every business out there is investing in interesting web content to attract, educate, entertain and sway potential customers. 

So why is having a Blogging or News page so important?

It Increases your Visibility. A very basic answer to this question is that you want to be seen and heard. All the time. When your client searches the web with keywords related to your service or product, your site will rank higher in search results if it has lots of fresh new relevant content. It is as simple as that. 

Keeps you Up to Date. More specifically, it is important for visitors to see current information with date to show that your company is in business and keep track of what is going on in the industry. Imagine going into a library in search for a scientific study on a certain topic. Now you approach the shelf and there are two books there. One is a slim book dating a few years ago and another is a thick shiny publication that had just hit the shelves. 

Boosts Interest. Blogs, web development and digital marketing are the new era alternative to commercials. Remember those boring, repetitive rhymes and slogans from TV? Those that everyone hated, no one listened to, and tried skipping more often than not? Well, blogging is the exact opposite - you get to be heard and seen all the time, while taking the opportunity to wow your clients with new information every time they visit your website. 

More Traffic means More Traffic. Yes, this is how it works. It is the next step in advanced web development and blogging. By installing social media buttons on your blog, you allow people to share, like and follow your page on their social media accounts. This will enhance your blog's ranking, boosting it even higher. The better your ranking, the more visitors you get. The more visitors you get, the higher your ranking is going to climb. 

Keep yourself In. A blog is the new business card. Once, you couldn't have a business without one. Then you couldn't have a business without a website, and business people invested in web development. Now news pages are not only a great tool, but also a must have attribute of a business. Like a tie on a suit, a blog on a website has become something that is expected by your customers and visitors. 

When it comes to web development and blogging, keeping your content fresh is everything. Even the most amazing, relevant content will become old news soon enough and having a fresh new publication once or twice a week will keep you site heard and frequently visited by your clients. If you are ready for the next step, and are busy thinking about blog topics, here is a great article with blog post ideas, that will put you on the right track! For more blog writing advice and advanced digital marketing solutions, contact us now and see your business grow!