Logo Creation

October 05, 2012

Greetings everyone, 

I was recently asked by I client “why they should spend and kind of significant money on logo creation”

Logos can’t be measured by how much you spend on them; sure you can get a logo done by almost anyone who can put pen to paper. So the simple answer to that question is. There is none.  It’s got a lot to do with your monetary circumstance and how seriously you take your business.

I hate to break it to you guys, but there is no single correct answer much like you would get many people saying the chicken or the egg came first.  It’s a matter of where you stand with your business. If you haven’t done any branding at all, yet you have been around for 50 years, then chances are you have a well established brand among your already faithful clientele and more then likely they won’t go anywhere even if you don’t have a spiffy logo that entices people to “just do it”.  If you’re a new business however, this advice changes dramatically.  Who are you? What do you do? Where can I find you? Do my friends use you? How can your potential clients know any of this without you somehow drilling an image or (yes I know its cliché) logo into their subconscious? No, I’m not talking about inception, even though I am talking about inception. You see logos are important for many reasons, but instead of listing the reasons and giving you broad explanation’s for those (that will come in the next blog) I’ll give you some reasons why you should not only have a logo to help with your brand, but why you should have a logo professionally done as opposed to having it done by those websites who offer a logo design special for $39.99

1)   Recognition:   Is your logo unique? Does it remind any potential customers of your business, your products or your service?  The point is for your logo to be recognized so they can remember your business and services. If the potential client does not remember or recognize your logo its going to be a sure bet that this could lead up to a potential loss of the client and or any future purchases from your business that would otherwise be recommended to friends.  When you loose a potential client you are loosing revenue. This now makes your purchase of a cheap logo expensive.

2)   TRUST:  When a potential client see’s your logo for the first time they will immediately decide if you are a trust worthy company or a company that is less so. If your logo looks amateur and looks like it cost you $39.99 then your company’s reputation will suffer the same conception of the brand and or the products you sell.  This will give the customer the impression that you aren’t trustworthy, because if your logo looks like amateurs did it, then the impression is that they also run the company.

3)   Quality:  When your logo looks expensive and looks likes it was made with quality, time, and in a professional manner, then the message is that you care about your business and this is how it is perceived by your customers or clientele. A good logo portrays a quality company, and people like to talk about a purchase, service or a product they acquired that has quality.  This makes your company look like it’s important to deliver quality and professional service.  People want quality and professionalism no matter what type of business you are running.

4)   Message: Its hard to believe that a logo can do the selling for you as we come from an era of MADMEN where a good salesmen was the best way to boost your sales and revenue. That still holds true to a point today, but sometimes the best way to sell yourself/products/services/ is to simply let the hunters hunt you.  Your logo should be able to send the message out loud and clear about what it is you do, whom you do it for, how you do it, and what industry you are doing this in. If you purchase a cheap logo from a website or business that sends them out like happy meals, then chances are your message will be lost. As most of these companies have template design logos that are made to suit multiple companies, your logo stands a large chance of being generic and therefore not giving the right message.  After a while your logo is going to be doing some of the selling for you and it’s important to convey the right message from the start.  When your thinking of branding, re branding, re designing yourself its important to know when to put a logo on the agenda of things to get done being it the first thing you get done, or just after you begin to brand yourself. Either way keep in mind that purchasing a cheaper logo could end up costing your company more in the future."


Paul Canabate,

Marketing and Brand Specialist 

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