November 12, 2014 - Turning off ServerSignature on Ubuntu Server with Plesk
ServerSignature is HTTP header information that is sent by a (the) web server. This information includes server version, operating system and the installed modules on the server, hackers might exploit this information for vulnerabilities. Here is how ServerSignature can be disabled
November 11, 2014 - Shell Bash Script to shut down qmail, when number of emails in queue exceeds user set limit
If you are running a linux server with qmail and Plesk, there is a big chance that you have faced the problem of having thousands of emails in a mail queue due to spam attacks. Here is small Shell/Bash script that you can place as a crontab job, that it will shut down qmail if the number of messages in queue gets over the set limit.
November 01, 2014 - Master of Your Domain: How Domain Name Ownership Works
You probably know that the first step in creating your company's website is securing a domain name, but what exactly does that mean? And why is it important?
October 09, 2014 - Why Are You Here? The Key to a Strong Web Presence Is a Clear Purpose
Websites can do just about anything these days, but just because you can do something does not mean you should...
September 14, 2014 - Fixing Dreamweaver error: The DynamicText script does not define the findServerBehaviors function.
If after logging in into the dreamweaver and trying to edit some files you get following error: Fixing Dreamweaver error: The DynamicText script does not define the findServerBehaviors function. Here is the instructions that will tell you how to fix it.
September 08, 2014 - iFrame transparent background in IE and other browsers
Goal: make transparent background for the iFrame. See solution below.
July 28, 2014 - How to run HTML5 required fields validation when submitting form with JavaScript
Problem: if you run document.formName.submit(); it does not validate required fields. See solution below.
July 10, 2014 - Why update a website? Part II
You have made the difficult decision to modernize your site, whether to reach new customers or to better serve existing ones and have allocated a modest budget to the goal. You present the budget to your technology partner and are met with an unexpected surprise: the budget is insufficient. Is the Developer looking to upsell or is there merit to their thinking?
June 25, 2014 - How to Change max_file_uploads in Plesk 11
In short, there is no way to change max_file_uploads in Plesk 11, but it can be easily done using SSH. See how...
June 21, 2014 - Why update a website? Part I
So, your company's website was developed a few years ago and still looks OK but your technology partner insists that you put some consideration and budget into updating. Should you?
May 27, 2014 - PHP Session in iFrame in Safari and other browsers.
Problem: session does not get created in the iframe from another domain. Solution is below.
May 01, 2014 - What is faster, JOIN or SELECT from multiple tables?
Compare speed of 2 SQL queries: SELECT fname FROM blog JOIN users USING (usersID) and SELECT fname FROM blog, users WHERE blog.usersID=users.usersID. See result below.
April 29, 2014 - Optimize MySQL Union Query
Problem: single queries run fast, but when you put them inside a union, it takes hundreds of times longer. A potential solution is below.
April 22, 2014 - Web Development Technical Descriptions - Who Needs Them?
The main challenge with technology is that it does what it is told to do, not what we want it to do. As such, it is crucial to have a well structured, clear and encompassing technical description before any online tool (sites, apps, systems, etc) can start being built.
April 07, 2014 - Redirect Check Tool
Need to check if redirect is done properly? He is the tool that allows you to do so, as well as shows all other headers.